[Image: A tweet from @akatookey, which reads: “funzies tip for my friends with medical debt; when collectors hound you, demand an itemized invoice.

If they don’t give you one, you have grounds to contest the debt.
If they do give you one, someone violated HIPAA and you can contest the debt.“

Now here is some ding-danged useful information! Another user pointed out that over half of small debt collectors lack this information because they buy their debts in bulk for cheap and in return get really disorganized paperwork. They encourage folks to look up “debt validation letter” online to get more information on this.

This tidbit was sourced from The Debt Resistor’s Operations Manual by Strike Debt and Occupy Wall Street, a free resource many readers will want to have a closer look at. Download it here!

Many medical debt collectors purposely set-up as covered entities for this very reason. Or they’ll just have the medical facility send you the itemized invoice directly, which again, the facility is explicitly allowed to do under HIPAA.

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