Name a conspiracy theory superior in raw power to “there are no actual forests on Earth"

imma need some context on that cause WHAT?

“forests” = minuscule form of what trees on Earth can be, basically saplings
“mesas” = not landforms, but petrified ancient tree trunks
IIRC the theory goes that all forests on Earth were destroyed ages ago and it takes them ridiculous times to regrow, with those giant mammoth redwood trees just being the oldest ones that have grown the most

evidence 1:

This conspiracy theory is absolutely wild and includes the assertion that all rocks are left over remnants of plants/trees from a “silicon era”. Although it’s obviously.. not true.. they really have some amazing photos that feed your imagination of a fantasy world, i’ve compiled their best:


do you think giant trees would have proportionally giant branhes or would they just be like furry green spears? LOL

I love how the implication is that the flat tops of mesas were caused by something equally enormous CUTTING THEM DOWN

Paul Bunyan cryptid confirmed 

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