For the people who are angry at this post, here are the points:

1. You can’t just say that a character is gay (or bisexual, pansexual, asexual, trans, etc.) and not actually talk about it in the story. Most people who are openly not straight spend at least some amount of their time talking about it. It will be referenced.

2. People tend to group with those like them, especially when the trait is unusual or underprivileged, so non-straight/cis people often become friends with each other due to shared experiences and perspectives, even if they are not all the same sexual or romantic orientation or gender identity.

3. As with POC in groups of white people, religious minorities in groups of religious majorities, and women in groups of men, there will be times when non-straight/cis people have to listen to straight/cis people in their friend group saying dumb/offensive things because they don’t understand, and they may correct them, get privately irritated, or leave the friend group.

Yes, the post is generalizing. Yes, there are lots of people in the closet. Yes, there are out people who don’t talk about their sexuality/gender orientation. No, the post doesn’t stand for all non-straight/cis people. It makes good points

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