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Just wanted to take a second to plug some writing help blogs that I like a lot. I follow all of them myself, and recommend them highly. 

General writing help, run by an alphabet soup of cool cats. 
Just trust me on this, I will be endorsing them from my grave.

How to Fight Write 
If you want your characters to try and physically injure each other but don’t know much about fighting, Starke and Michi have your back. They field questions from the mundane to the mildly bizarre with thorough, pragmatic advice.

 Simply Original Characters
Got a character outlined, and want some feedback on their design? The squad at SOC will review character profiles and share their input. They are kind and gentle enough that you don’t need to worry when submitting– you can count on their care and consideration. 

Fix Your Writing Habits
A sweet and enthusiastic motivational writing blog, FYWH posts regularly and in volume. Their mission is to encourage writers to make and persist with their goals, and they do a great job of it. 

The Writing Café
A general writing blog that answers questions and provides various writing resources.  They post about a wide variety of subjects, and everything writing, including book lists, character guides, and various tips and tricks of the trade. 

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