Top 10 Reasons to know Sign Langauge:







1. You can communicate through windows
2. Sign language is a 3-D Language
3. You can sign with your mouth full
4. Hearing parents can communicate with their Deaf child
5. You can sign underwater
6. Sign Language is a neat way to express yourself
7. You can communicate across a room or via mirror without shouting
8. Sign language is beautiful
9. You can make friends with Deaf people
10. Sign language brings together Hearing & Deaf people

Also if you really want to learn most deaf people are so happy that you are interested in learning and will be super patient and work with you. 

And it’s a really great thing to be able to do for any job because imagine having to go everywhere with someone that can translate for you or with paper to write or trying to read lips and just going to grab a cup of coffee and Hey, the barista knows sign language. They aren’t great but you get to speak with them and order your coffee in the way that’s natural to you like that would just make your day. Or a teacher that can talk and sign so classes don’t have to divide?? Or a therapist that can sign?? Hearing people signing 2k15 honestly.

I’ve been learning to help my HoH/deaf customers, so have some links!

Dummies Guide To: Basic Sign Language (all still images, no videos)

ASLPro (video dictionary)

ASL University (video dictionary, lessons, terminology, and more)

Also a wonderful tool for helping babies and toddlers express themselves.

My favorite online ASL resource is the YouTube channel

It has entire ASL college courses that you can watch for free. It’s associated website is also a very useful resource.

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