I have over 2000 likes and cant see the earlier ones? How do I see them?


Don’t fear, little anon, I have the answer! <3

First, go view your likes at tumblr.com/likes (not /liked/by/username, which is how you see other people’s likes).

Then tack this onto the end of the url: /page/(random#!)

Each page will load 10 posts. So if you have 29,850 likes, as I do, and you want to see the beginning of your archive, you’ll need to jump back to /likes/page/2985 to see the very beginning of your archive. 

(This, by the way, is how I just discovered that this wonderful piece of nostalgic H/D fanart by darling Alice /cellia was my very first liked post, and that the first people I apparently followed on Tumblr were sistermagpie, cimness, and cheeked :D)

I hope that helps! BON VOYAGE!

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