we need HEALTHY and DIVERSE wlw representation in 20gayteen. we need sapphic romcoms, sapphic fantasy epics, sapphic action movies, sapphic sci fi movies. and not side characters, we need wlw MAIN CHARACTERS who have other personality traits IN ADDITION to being wlw. we need LESBIANS, BI women, PAN women, ACE and ARO wlw. we need NB wlw, TRANS wlw, DEMIGIRL wlw. we need RACIALLY DIVERSE sapphic characters from different backgrounds, sapphic characters with disabilities and mental and chronic illness. we need to see HEALTHY and LOVING wlw relationships as well as wlw characters who AREN’T in a relationship. we need REALISTIC and INCLUSIVE wlw representation in media and we need to give wlw writers, directors, producers, and actors EVERY OPPORTUNITY to tell those stories. we need

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