Have you ever thought “Man, I feel impossibly shitty and I don’t know why”?

Run through this checklist before you do anything else.

  1. What have I eaten in the last 24 hours? Is it enough? If not, go and eat some food, you butt.
  2. Am I hydrated? If not, put some fluids in your body, fool.
  3. Have I slept an acceptable amount in the last 24 hours and preceeding few days? If not, do your utmost to have a nap. You need a reset, bro.
  4. Have I been outside/partaken in whatever form of exercise I am capable of? You’re stagnating, homie.
  5. Have I communicated with anyone? At all? About anything? In the last 24 hours? Sup, you’re not actually a lone wolf, and even if you’re just shouting BUTTLUMPS at someone over the intertubes, it’s better than shouting it at yourself inside your own head.

So basically: eat, drink, sleep, walk, and talk. If you still feel like emotional ass after that, start looking for more involved explanations.

This shit is no joke.

All of these are extremely important.

Adding: 6. Have I communicated too much? Am I overstimulated? Do I need some quiet time? Go stare at a blank wall in utter silence for a bit.

I try to go through this kind of checklist whenever I feel funky. It really helps.

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