31 Days Of Prompts: Wordsnstuff January Writing Challenge



– You all wanted a 31 days of prompts challenge for the month of January, so here is a writing prompt for every day of the first month of the year! If you use one or all of these prompts in a post on Tumblr, please tag it with #wordsnstuffjanuary so I can read your writing! At the beginning of February, I’ll pick my three favorite pieces to shout out on the blog! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: some of these are obviously more time consuming than others so if you need to switch some days around to fit your schedule that is totally understandable. The goal is to complete one every single day, so if writing day 24′s prompt on day 13 will make that possible, by all means, do you.

  1. Does it get easier?
  2. What is a “best friend”?
  3. If you had to go back in time to change an event in your life, what would you choose?
  4. Describe love.
  5. What is your personal rock bottom?
  6. Is love a feeling or a choice, and how do you know?
  7. Why do humans create art?
  8. How do memories evolve over time?
  9. Find an old picture of yourself and write about how you felt in that time of your life. How have things changed? How have you changed?
  10. At what point does a dream become a wish and not a goal?
  11. Everything is free and you can do anything you want, so instead for money you work for how much time you’re allowed to live.
  12. What are you addicted to?
  13. What has to happen for somebody’s advice to make a difference?
  14. You have a habit of speaking to yourself in the mirror. One day, the mirror starts responding.
  15. If you could be anywhere doing anything right this second, away from your troubles and worries, where would you be and what would you be doing?
  16. Write about your darkest secret without actually telling it.
  17. Everybody always says that some risks are worth taking. Write about a time when the risk wasn’t worth it.
  18. If you had to live through one memory of your life over and over again for eternity, which one would you choose?
  19. Tell the story of one of your most treasured possessions.
  20. Describe your own life as if you were setting up the exposition for a movie. Is it a drama? Comedy? Rom-Com?
  21. Write about the end of a chapter in your life, whether that be moving out, the end of a relationship, losing someone close to you, or otherwise. 
  22. There are many ways in which people can die to us. What are they?
  23. “I used to think…”
  24. What is the most set in stone rule you can think of? What situation would you need to be in to break it?
  25. Would you rather live your life free or safe?
  26. What are you working so hard for?
  27. Do you feel more like a main character, a supporting character, or a villain?
  28. What will it be like when you are successful? 
  29. How much of last week do you actually remember?
  30. Write about a book that has changed your life
  31. What is your personal definition of “famous”? What qualifications are there for being famous?

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