do cis people realise that trans people get misgendered even if we pass? a trans man could walk up in a full beard and still be called “miss” because people are transphobic, not because he looks like woman. obviously non-passing trans people get misgendered more often, but there’s really more layers (aka transphobia) to being misgendered apart from “i pass all the time thus no one ever misgenders me”

relatives might misgender you through your entire life, people who know you’re trans might misgender you solely because you are trans, people will misgender you to spite you and they’ll misgender you to harm you (either emotionally, or by outing you). doctors will misgender you if they realise you’re not cis, which can have fatal outcomes. the legal system constantly misgenders trans women, putting them in men’s jails no matter how well she passes as a woman, which puts these women as incredible risks for their safety and lives. 

misgendering is a social and sometimes fatal power that cis people have over trans people, and acting as if it’s at all times “a honest mistake” shows how little you think of trans peoples’ security. 

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