Millennials and Gen Z: Trump shows signs of being a genocidal dictator, we shouldn’t vote for him

Baby boomers: OOOOO Is your Safe Space being violated by his comments snowflake??? How AWFUL IT must be to have a REAL man for president instead of OoOoBamA

Trump, after being voted into office: *leaves the UN human rights council, puts hundreds of young children into prison camps and tent cities, takes away valuable items like rosaries similar to the removal of rings during the Holocaust, puts babies and toddlers into foster homes/orphanages, literally treats ACTUAL CHILDREN like prisoners for wanting a better life elsewhere*

Baby boomers: oh….oh no….

Millennials and Gen Z: *stare into the camera like they’re on the office*

bold of you to assume the boomers have reached the “oh no” point

Yeah exactly. They’re all trying to make excuses for why it’s okay

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