things i have to remind myself (writer edition)


  • writing doesn’t get easier.
  • sometimes you have to write for the sake of writing.
  • plot should be allowed to change.
  • the story in your mind will never perfectly translate into text and that’s okay.
  • characters change, they’re supposed to change.
  • you’re supposed to enjoy what you write.
  • educate yourself about the different cultures you write about.
  • your friends shouldn’t be your critics.
  • the side character you love so much? sometimes they need to be cut from the story.
  • write what you want to read and not what you think people want to read.
  • there is no age limit in publishing, you have all the time in the world.
  • not every idea will grow into a story, sometimes you need to let go.
  • love your story, because it will be just the two of you for a while.
  • it’s okay to not write every day, that doesn’t make you less of a writer.

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