Types of people: Roses


White rose: Faint smiles. Flowers in their hair. Blushing. Doodles in the margins of books. Hard work with little repayment. Old soul. Sleek clothing.

Yellow rose: Warm hugs. Tucking hair behind ears. Sunny days. Freshly baked cookies. Self-made flower crowns. The smell of grass. Tickle fights.

Red rose: Loves easily. Confident strides. Talking loudly. Leather jackets. Singing off key. Whispered secrets. Declarations of love.

Pink rose: Soft smiles. Flirting. Gets their heart broken easily. Old record. Vintage aesthetics. Innocent. Always kind.

Orange rose: Colourful closet. Elaborate stories. Animated hand gestures. Stickers covering everything. Big cakes. Bad at lying. Loves sunsets.

Green rose: Dirty hands. Leaves in their hair. Loud laugh. Leather bound books. Potted plants. Doesn’t like being told what to do. Skinny dipping.

Peach rose: Typewriters. Soothing voice. Little sketches on napkins. Keeps a lot of secrets. Quiet. Shy. Enjoys spending time with people they love.

Lavender rose: Scented candles. Dancing in the rain. Humming softly. New ideas. Only shares things with people close to them. Forgetful. Paint on their clothing.

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