Tbh the reason I don’t post at all a lot on this blog is because I’m so goddamn intimidated by other writeblrs. Not in the way that I think they’ll be mean to me because I know this is a lovely community full of amazing, sweet, and helpful people.

But it’s their works and WIPs that intimidate me. Some of them are writing such amazing futuristic stories, some are working on wonderful historical novels and there are so many who have exciting adventure wips with strong protagonists.

Meanwhile I’m here with my barely fleshed out action romance and the stupid writers block that I’ve had for nearly four months.

HEY. HEY. HEY. stop this.

Everybody gets blocked sometimes. Yeah, we got a lot of people writing fantastic things, but they don’t start fantastic. I talk big sometimes, but since I published my last novel, I’ve produced three half-assed, half-done (or less) first drafts that are going absolutely nowhere, and I’m struggling to rewrite a finished first draft I’ve been sitting on for nearly two years.


Even the writeblrs you look up to, who are writing those amazing things that intimidate you.

I get it, I do. We all feel, sometimes, like we have a bad case of Imposter Syndrome and we don’t belong.

But I’m telling you to let yourself wallow in that feeling for another minute or two, then let it go, and start posting again. Start talking to people. Go write three sentences on your draft, even if they suck. That’s what rewriting and editing are for. Okay? Make yourself some tea or coffee, then give yourself permission to write something, even if it’s bad.

Do it again tomorrow. Keep doing whenever you have the energy, and eventually, you’ll write more than three sentences, because maybe they don’t suck so much.


Yaaaas!! There’s so many here who feel the same. However, please, don’t feel alone or alienate yourself @vivwriteshere You wanna talk about your works, drop a line! You admire a specific writeblr, let them know! Positive communicating does wonders for your self esteem plus may even help you out of those blocks!

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