fandom has taught me not to make my villain a skinny conventionally attractive white man because no matter how horrible I write them, some degenerate is gonna do mental gymnastics to excuse their shitty behavior and ship them with my heroine despite an appalling lack of romantic chemistry

Types of Responses on This Post

  • people claiming that “fandom will ship anything” as though skinny cis white boys don’t get fawned over even if they’re serial killers
  • people dunking on kylo ren
  • kylo ren fans who are desperately upset by people dunking on kylo ren

you think that will save you? hirsch created a one-eyed triangle demon who tried to murder children and look what fucking happened

that’s the “inhuman character humanization” clause. Whenever there is a non-human or object head character, people tend to create their own skinny white cis boy gijinka to fawn over.

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