Not all books are made equal.
The making of not all books is equal.

  • Some stories take ages to write, and longer to edit. 
  • Some you can knock out in what feels like an instant. 
  • Some are long. Some are short. 
  • Some are complex. Some are simple. 
  • Some challenge us to grow and some inspire us to have fun. 
  • Some need to be rewritten and rerewritten and rererewritten. 
  • Some turn out lovely in one or two drafts.

Our Bloody Pearl took 12 weeks of work from the first word to the final draft.
Iron From Fire has taken over 17 months, and it’s still not finished yet.

Not all books are equal because some books will be longer and harder to perfect than others

but all books have equal worth because all books (or should I say, books of all kinds), are worth the world to someone.

So don’t feel bad if you have to put more hours into your story than other people. If you crank out a few books but get stuck rewriting another over and over. If you feel like an earlier story was better than what you’re writing now.

Don’t give up.

Not all books are made from equal effort.

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