hi! i have trouble introducing secondary characters in my fics bc i always focus on the main characters. when i try to introduce them, it seems like i’m slowing down the story bc it doesn’t seem to be relevant, but i want to show the characters’ friendships and the different sides to them. how do i make the secondary characters seem more relevant to the story?


Hiya! Thanks
for your question! Lots of writers struggle with making strong secondary
characters, but there’s an easy solution to this.

them their own person. They should exist independent of the main character.
Every character needs a purpose. Don’t just create secondary characters for the
sake of having secondary characters. If they don’t contribute to the plot or story
in any way, cut them out. Overloading your fic with characters is like giving
the reader too much information. It slows everything down and causes the reader
to lose interest.

Thanks again
for your question! If you need help with anything else writing-related, feel
free to send in another ask. Happy writing!

– Mod Kellie

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