hello!! i have a character with afro hair and i want him to have it in a protective style, (particularly twists) but he isn’t one to buy extensions if he could just do it with his own hair. is this realistic? and can you undo (idk if that’s the right word) protective styling, wash your hair, and then put it back in almost immediately? ty!!


Natural Twists on Black Hair (Men, for Example) 

Absolutely, you can do twists with your own natural hair. The styles looks pretty different with extensions than without, though. I’d recommend you search youtube for natural hair vloggers twist styles (and add “Men” to your search if you need to, as women will likely be the default result). Natural twists are typically done with just product, styling tools, fingers, and patience!


NATURAL HAIR TWO-STRAND TWIST & TWIST-OUT | TUTORIAL ( EASY ) youtube video by ChristianAdamG. Subtitles included in video, no spoken directions, just music.

Look up vlogs or images of “twists, natural hair.” You’ll see the difference between the “twists, extensions” style.

“and can you undo (idk if that’s the right word) protective styling, wash your hair, and then put it back in almost immediately?”

Depends on the protective style. Twists done on the natural hair? Yes, you can undo and wash, and put it back on. Just be mindful of the more manipulation to the hair, the less protection overall. 

A good protective style would mean the wearer doesn’t have to mess with it for a while. Many natural-haired folks wash their hair once a week (ever heard of Sunday Wash day?) so it’d make sense if they wore the style, took it out to wash on their Wash Day, then put it back in. 

Then again, a twist out is another style on its own, the result of twisted hair being carefully unraveled to reveal chunkier curls. That style can be maintained for a while too, i’d say about a week, more or less, with product and measures taken to keep them intact at night (think silk bonnet, pineapple method, buns, etc).

Also, protective styling with natural hair (only) is more quickly reversible than with extensions. With extensions, the style is usually meant to keep much longer. A month or more, really depends.

~Mod Colette

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