and so we pretend. pretend you never hurt me. pretend you never left. pretend there’s more to our relationship than just the shots we missed. and so we kiss each other senseless because we have no sense left, we love each other bruised and bloody and sore, we wish so badly this could go back to normal, and i can’t say that it can’t anymore. i don’t want to think about how when the summer’s over, you’ll be gone. i’m just a passerby, a train moving, never the place you stop and get off. but i will savor this moment here with you now because i am just so tired of being sad. of being without you. of having to pretend i’m okay without you. of pushing you away. i don’t want to do this life when you’re not here. even if i can’t have you the way i want to. even if this is so broken, i swallow the glass shards as to shield them from coming any closer to our fragile relationship. and so we pretend. pretend we don’t think about the things we did to each other. pretend we don’t think about the hurdles we had to jump through. pretend we’ll be okay. maybe one day we’ll pretend so hard, we will be.

pretend (via achingchest)

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