my shit brain: i’m so bad at this, i just can’t do it-

me, a learning, growing human being whom believes in her own potential: yet bitch!!!!

you’ve been tricked by the education system into thinking that your worth is based on your ability to do the thing Right Now on the First Try, but here’s the big secret: everyone sucks at shit when they first try it, including the people who then get really good at shit. if little baby you had given up on talking because you fucked up on the first try, you wouldn’t know how to talk. and if your favorite singer/artist/whatever gave up because they fucked up on the first try, they wouldn’t have made that thing you love. so stop shitting on yourself for failing and get excited about learning a new skill instead! be bad at things!! have fun being bad at them!! that’s how you get better!!

There was this episode of Monk where he joined a painting class, drew one line, and then despondently said “I ruined it”, and that show may have had a lot of problems but fuck me if I haven’t been going back to that Mood for ten years solid now

The Mood to replace it:

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