Supplies for NaNoPlanMo Challenges!


Hey everyone!

mCubed35 here with a quick note on some supplies you might need for our NaNoPlanMo challenges (don’t worry–you probably have most of this already!)

Our weekly themes for NaNoPlanMo look like this:

Week One: Mental Prep
Week Two: Inspiration
Week Three: Learning 
Week Four: Immersion 
Days 29-31: Outlining/Wrap Up

So what will you need?

A Calendar

You’ll need this for Mental Prep week for your schedule. Either a digital calendar app or a physical one will work!

Your Preferred Writing Software/Notebooks/Pens/Pencils/Highlighters etc.

Whatever tools you need for scene writing/character outlines etc. need to be on hand!

A Task Manager App (OPTIONAL)

This can make life infinitely easier when trying to plan your writing around all the other things in your life you have going on. I personally LOVE Todoist (it’s “freemium” and the “premium” version is much cheaper than other software) but there’s a number of other apps you can use. Trello is also a completely free option here, it just takes a bit more effort to set it up appropriately.

A Planner (OPTIONAL)

For people who prefer paper and pencil this is a great alternative to a task manager app. You don’t necessarily need one if you’re using a digital app, but some people (like me) prefer to have both on hand. 

A Nonfiction Book on Writing Craft (OPTIONAL)

This is part of an “extra” challenge to read a nonfiction book on writing in one month. 

Your Favorite Book that Covers One of Your “Writing Weaknesses” (OPTIONAL)

See this post for more information! This challenge will come up during Learning Week!

And finally, before Immersion Week, review THIS POST on the Writeblr Connects November Wordcrawl!

Yes, I know it says “WC members,” but all of this information will still apply–you’ll simply have the option to submit NaNo project specific stuff during Immersion week!

That’s it for now! Everyone get ready for NaNoPlanMo! It’s going to be a blast!

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