tbh i dont get why most people assume that robots are always cold

like have u felt a laptop while its working? its kinda not exactly cold yo

tbh any piece of machinery thats working hard to function is usually not cold, the only time its ever cold is when its turned off

so id like to think while a robot is awake and functioning they could have the potential to be as warm as a human being :0

never thought about this before but now it’s obvious

although like i hope they’ve actually improved cooling tech by the time they’re building androids bc my laptop can actually get so hot it makes THE ROOM hot and it’s only the size of a laptop so potentially an android who was thinking very hard would be a veritable furnace 

think too hard, overheat, faint

fainting couches for androids omg

Fainting couches for androids is the best possible thing

file under things i didn’t know i needed in my life

humans who carry around those chemical freeze-packs in case they need something to drape across their friend’s fevered brow

humans who insist on holding a parasol for their robot friend on sunny days

a robot draping herself over a fainting couch in distress and a bunch of worried humans mobbing up to fuss and fan her and bring her some cool water and pat her hand and gallantly offer to beat up whatever alarmed her

too cute

Okay guys and gals I like where ur going but I think we’ve glossed over something with real potential.

Androids blushing

A human calls their android friend cute and then they look flustered and you hear their cooling fans kick into high gear

A human plants a little kiss on their cheek and they turn red hot (literally) from embarrassment

“Brr, it’s friggin cold in here.”

“Hold on I got this. Hey TX-10 did I tell you you look very pretty today?”

The room temp rises a couple degrees as TX-10 tries to hide their blushing.


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