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Fuck Post-apocalypse: Post apocalyptic media is often inherently glorifying of toxic masculinity, with the men being the survivors, the ones in charge, violent almost all the time at the exclusion of all other options, and it is often filled with leadership based on whoever is the most “manly” or tough or violent. In addition, a lot of PA media is extremely ableist and transparently social darwinist, despite neither of those really reflecting the reality of low-resource, small societies. It often sacrifices anything outside the assumed “norm” for what would “survive in the new, brutal world” with a glee that borders on zealous. The fact this assumed norm coincides with white dudes with perfectly able bodies is not going unnoticed. 

Fucking LOVE Post-Apocalypse: None of the above, however, is built into the genre. These are merely the tropes and attitudes that most prevail within it. It is very easy to, with a bit of research, find out how actual low-resource societies operated, and how people reacted in times of war, famine, drought, and worse. It’s often shocking how much people band together, particularly since our assumption is that of the social darwinist “myself above all others.” It’s much more likely, however, for people to team up and support each other. Conflict can still occur in a setting where this holds mostly true, as human societies have always fought, and the dangers of whatever caused the apocalypse are still very real. 

In other words, Post-Apocalyptic media is often pretty fuckin ableist, pretty fuckin toxic and pro-violence, and pretty ooften directly crosses with, or outright is intended to be, power fantasies for (white, straight, and male) people who want to imagine themselves as the tough, super-badass Warrior types. 

But it doesn’t need to be. 

So what you’re asking for is more of a community based, found family, people-caring-for-each-other-and-lifting-each-other-up, environmentally inclined, soft apocalypse?

Challenge accepted.

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