make a white dragon NPC who uses their amazingly cold body temperature to keep their hoard of ice-cream cool

– Mod Rose

On the hottest summer days, a massive wagon trundles over the hills, leaving frozen tracks. The great wyrm Xurveo the Chill sits inside, grinning through a window, while the crew of frost giants manages the steering and plays ethereal, jaunty music with lots of bells. Anyone who approaches the wagon is welcomed and offered a selection of treats, for a few copper pieces each. There’s soft-serve ice cream with mixed nuts and caramel, as well as cookie sandwiches, chocolate-dipped cones, and lemon ice. The most popular ones are cartoon popsicles that look like well-known characters: Sturm Brightblade (strawberry), Mordenkainen (orange), and Drizz’t Do’Urden (grape).

All the ice cream has the effect of an Endure Elements spell and applies Fire Resistance for the next 8 hours. Try the Tiamat Special, a scoop of cherry, blueberry, pistachio, coconut, and licorice, to receive advantage on Charisma-based skills for 8 hours!

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