I’m sorry, but it’s not that fucking hard. Even if you weren’t the one who originally stole it, when posting something here it’s your duty to find the original and stop the spread:

  • You can do reverse image searches, just copy and paste the image into your search browser.
  • You can spend some time searching Tumblr/whatever site for the original using key words within the post.
  • Search for the OP’s URL/signature within the post.
  • It’s very rare that I find a post/image that has been reposted so many times that I can’t find the source, so don’t make excuses.

When you should do this:

  • When you find a image and want to post it, but notice there is no credit to OP.
  • When you see a screenshot of a Tumblr post. FIND THE ORIGINAL.
  • Photos and other art. SIGILS ARE ART.
  • When you’re sharing something from a different site. You may be wondering “how do I do that?”. First of all, ask the OP if it’s okay, when applicable. Secondly, ADD A LINK TO THE ORIGINAL, YOU SACK OF POTATOES.
  • When you repost something to this platform, with permission, or when you utilize someone’s work in something, add some little (x) or [X] or “click here for the original artwork” at the bottom. It’s not that hard to do.

But what is reposting? I’m just an innocent little bean?:

  • Reblogging. When you see a post, you like it, you click the reblog button. Full credit to the OP is there because it’s linked and mentioned automatically multiple times in the post. You’re giving the OP the notes, the attention, the credit they deserve.
  • Reposting. When you see a post, you like it, you steal it. You take the effort to screenshot it, copy and paste it into your own post, etc. Perhaps there’s still credit to the OP listed somewhere within the original post, but this is NOT OKAY TO DO. REBLOG THE ORIGINAL. In this scenario, you are getting the notes, the attention, and likely the credit, that OP deserves.

Keys to stopping the cycle as a reblogger:

  • Think critically. Have you seen a VERY similarly worded post before? Hmmm…
  • Pay attention to screenshots, especially of tumblr posts. Find the original.
  • Whenever you see a photograph circulating, click the OP’s URL at the bottom. Chances are, their caption was deleted.
  • Sigils. Familiarize yourself with the popular sigil producers out there. Learn to recognize their work. You will find reposts of their work.
  • Same with other artists. Think the work looks familiar but not from this blogger? Hmmm maybe time for an image search.
  • Pay attention to photographs that look professional quality that don’t appear to be taken by the OP. Ask for the source.
  • Take the time to find the original (look through the comments to see if someone already has). Link the original with something along the lines of:

“This has been reposted. PLEASE DO NOT REBLOG THIS VERSION. Click here for the original version! [X] Creators deserve credit :)”

Now, all this being said, I definitely don’t catch everything. I have reblogged stuff that was reposted in the past, and I will in the future. If you notice, PLEASE tell me! It is never intentional!!

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