sappysapphics: You know sometimes I see those useless lesbian stories and I think to myself that can’t be true Then I remember that before she asked me out my first gf kissed my cheek as a causal greeting, would always… Read more

100 Words To Describe Someone’s Body

smut-101: Ample –  used for referring in a positive or humorous way to someone’s body, or a part of it, that is large Angular –  bony, lean, or gaunt Apple-Shaped – have broader shoulders and bust, and narrower hips Barrel-Chested… Read more100 Words To Describe Someone’s Body

glitterigabi: unpretty: i always thought of a king sized bed as being a bit bigger than a queen, but now that i have one, i can tell you that a king sized bed is an absurdity. i can sprawl out,… Read more