100 Words To Describe Someone’s Body


  1. Ample – 

    used for referring in a positive or humorous way to someone’s body, or a part of it, that is large

  2. Angular – 

    bony, lean, or gaunt

  3. Apple-Shaped – have broader shoulders and bust, and narrower hips
  4. Barrel-Chested – has a large chest that curves outward
  5. Beefy – has a large heavy body and strong muscles
  6. Big – tall and heavy, and often fat
  7. Bony – 

    so thin that the bones are prominent

  8. Brawny – physically strong, with big muscles
  9. Broad – 

    of great extent; large

  10. Built

    very beautiful or physically very attractive

  11. Bulbous – 

    bulb-shaped; bulging

  12. Bullnecked – with a short thick neck
  13. Burly

    large and strong; heavily built

  14. Busty – having large breasts
  15. Buxom – vigorously or healthily plump

  16. Calloused – having an area of hardened skin

  17. Chubby – plump and rounded
  18. Chunky – bulky and solid

  19. Colossal – extremely large

  20. Coltish – tall and thin
  21. Compact – physically small but looks strong
  22. Corpulent – having a large bulky body

  23. Curvy – shapely and voluptuous

  24. Dainty

    delicately small and pretty

  25. Dumpy

    short and stout

  26. Elfin

    small and delicate, typically with an attractively mischievous or strange charm

  27. Emaciated

    abnormally thin or weak

  28. Fat

    having a large amount of excess flesh

  29. Fit

    in good health

  30. Flabby

    having soft loose flesh

  31. Flat-chested

    having small breasts

  32. Frail

    weak and delicate

  33. Gangling – very tall and thin, with long arms and legs, and not graceful
  34. Gawky – tall and thin, and moving in a way that does not seem graceful or comfortable
  35. Giant

    of very great size or force; gigantic

  36. Heavily-Built

    having a large, broad, and strong body

  37. Heavy-Set – having a stocky or stout build
  38. Herculean

    muscular and strong

  39. Hourglass Figure

    the circumference of the bust, waist, and hips, are a wide bust, a narrow waist, and a wide hip that has similar measurements to that of the bust.

  40. Hulking – large, heavy, or clumsy

  41. Husky

    strong; hefty

  42. Itsy-Bitsy

    very small; tiny

  43. Lanky

    ungracefully thin and tall

  44. Lean

    without much flesh; thin and fit

  45. Leggy

    having attractively long legs

  46. Lithe

    thin, supple, and graceful

  47. Long-Legged

    having long legs

  48. Long-Limbed

    tall with long legs and arms

  49. Meaty

    fleshy; brawny.

  50. Musclebound – has extremely large strong muscles as a result of a lot of exercise
  51. Muscly – with well-developed muscles
  52. Muscular

    having well-developed muscles

  53. Obese

    grossly fat or overweight

  54. Oval-Shaped

    large bust, narrow hips, and a full midsection

  55. Paunchy – having a paunch; having a prominent stomach

  56. Pear-Shaped

    having hips that are disproportionately wide in relation to the upper part of the body

  57. Petite – 

    having a small and attractively dainty build

  58. Pigeon-Chested

    having a narrow chest that sticks out more than usual at the front

  59. Plump

    having a full rounded shape

  60. Podgy

    somewhat fat; chubby

  61. Pudgy

    slightly fat

  62. Puny

    small and weak

  63. Round-Shouldered

    having the shoulders bent forward so that the back is rounded

  64. Runty

    a person of small stature

  65. Scrawny

    unattractively thin and bony

  66. Shapely

    having an attractive or well-proportioned shape

  67. Shrimpy

    of inferior size; puny, runty

  68. Shriveled

    wrinkled and contracted

  69. Sinewy

    lean and muscular

  70. Skeletal

    very thin; emaciated

  71. Skinny – very thin
  72. Slender

    gracefully thin

  73. Slim

    gracefully thin; slenderly built

  74. Slight – thin, not very tall, and not looking very strong
  75. Slightly-Built – thin and not very tall
  76. Solid – big and has a strong firm body
  77. Spindly

    long or tall and thin

  78. Spoon-Figured

    hips are larger than your bust with a defined waist

  79. Statuesque – tall and beautiful like a statue
  80. Stocky

    broad and sturdily built

  81. Stout – 

    somewhat fat or of heavy build

  82. Strapping – tall and strong
  83. Stubby

    short and thick

  84. Svelte

    slender and elegant

  85. Tall

    of great or more than average height

  86. Thick – 

    with meat on your bones

  87. Thin – having little bodily flesh or fat; lean or slender

  88. Taut – firm with strong muscles and little fat
  89. Thickset – has a wide strong body
  90. Toned

    having firm and well-defined muscles

  91. Top-Heavy

    having a disproportionately large bust

  92. Towering

    extremely tall

  93. Trim

    neat and smart in appearance

  94. Tubby

    short and rather fat

  95. Underweight

    below a weight considered normal or desirable

  96. Upstanding – tall and straight
  97. Voluptuous

    curvaceous and sexually attractive

  98. Well-Built

    large and strong

  99. Willowy – tall, thin, and graceful
  100. Wiry – 

    lean, tough, and sinewy

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