You know sometimes I see those useless lesbian stories and I think to myself that can’t be true

Then I remember that before she asked me out my first gf kissed my cheek as a causal greeting, would always hold my hand in the hallway, gave me pet names such as “sweetums” and “babe,” would talk about how she wanted us to buy an apartement and raise a dog together in our twenties, one time literally straddled me and told me that she thought it was adorable that I was so flustered, like the list goes on and like,,, I still had absolutely NO IDEA that she liked me. And it wasn’t even that I was questioning if she liked girls because she was openly bi

Then when she asked me out I thought she was joking. Like. She had to do it again a week later, I was dating this girl for an entire goddamn week and I had no idea. And when she asked me out again, guess what? I STILL DIDN’T TAKE THE HINT!!!

Wanna know how I finally figured out that this girl I had a crush on for like almost a year at that point liked me? Because after she asked me out for the second time and we had our first kiss she said it was fun and we should do it again, so I told her to kiss me if she wanted to, so she did. Then she started making out with me. And. I still. Was not entirely 100% sure so. I stopped making out with this girl so we could have like a 5 minute “what are we” discussion. After she had already asked me out twice.

The real kicker? We had this discussion while she was not wearing a shirt. And I still felt like we had to have that conversation.

So yeah. If that can happen, I’m quite sure that someone could be on her 5th date with a girl and not know it. Like anythings possible for us lesbians at this point

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