unusual inheritance fic prompts:

amusewithaview: 1.  “you died and left me your children, even though they’re only a few years younger then me” 2.  “you died and left me a haunted house” 3.  “you died and left me an obscure magical object, I’m not… Read moreunusual inheritance fic prompts:

chosui: There is a difference between a mermaid and a siren. Sirens are born from violent, watery deaths. Drowning, being murdered at sea, their bodies being thrown in to the water shortly after their deaths, stuff like that. They are… Read more

Hi, I have a message for asexual writers, if I can? I’m aromantic, asexual, touch repulsed, and I’m currently writing a fanfic full of love scenes and some smut scenes too. Please don’t let people tell you that you HAVE to live it to write about it. It helps, of course, but you can do it by research. I believe in you, and keep on writing!

fuckyeahasexual: !!!