unusual inheritance fic prompts:


1.  “you died and left me your children, even though they’re only a few years younger then me”

2.  “you died and left me a haunted house”

3.  “you died and left me an obscure magical object, I’m not sure what it does, and your instruction sheet just says ‘have fun storming the castle!’”

4.  “you died and left me a fanatically loyal warrior order”

5.  “you died and left me a bunch of money and a pile of really weird IOUs?!  why did someone owe you a free body disposal.  why did someone owe you two brides and a goat.  why did someone owe you an island.  WHY”

6.  “you died and left me to repay a bunch of really weird IOUs”

7.  “you died and left me a small country”

8.  “you died and left me six research labs that operate in international waters and I’m kind of scared to find out why keeping them out there was a stipulation of the will”

9.  “you died and left me a menagerie of animals that are supposed to be extinct?  and some that aren’t supposed to be real???  where did you get unicorns.  where did you get gryphons.  where did you get pegasi???”

10.  “you died and left me on the hook for a hereditary marriage contract”

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