In the 80′s there was this type of “uprising” against slasher films because women were the primary targets and “WE NEED TO PROTECT WOMEN. THEY ARE BRUTALIZING WOMEN.” and I can’t help but laugh because lmao When have these men ever given a shit about women and the way they’re treated?

Anyway, the real reason slasher films were hated was because women were the primary targets (and survivors) which helped teach women what to do and not to do around creepy ass men in order to protect themselves. The main film that started the discussion was Maniac which ends with a bunch of women taking revenge on the killer. So, nah, it has nothing to do with “men wanting to protect women”. It has everything to do with men not wanting women to be prepared of defending themselves and men not liking women being the ones to survive.

“Movies don’t create psychos. Movies make psychos more creative.”

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