today in things i hate in television

that episode where a team with only one girl and a lot of guys suddenly has another girl join the team, and everyone loves her for some reason (usually implied to be that shes pretty), and the original girl immediately hates and cannot stand second girl

are you kidding

whenever i have been in an all boy group the appearance of anything even remotely a girl has been an utter relief and total joy are you kidding

My entire professional life has been in teams surrounded by men.  Like, literally, there have been repeated times in my life when I was the only woman on that floor.

On two separate occasions in my working life, I’ve joined a team and the other woman already on that team has later come over to talk quietly to me and say something to the effect of “Thank god, another woman.  I was so happy to find you were joining us.”.

I guess this is how you can tell a guy wrote the script and he had very little real world experience in the environment he’s writing.  When you’re in an all-male team, the only other woman would have to be a straight out sociopath who casually poisoned people around her to make me hate her.  And even if she was, I’d at least try four times before I gave up.  Or maybe consider joining her (I mean she might have a reason for what she’s doing after all).

How to introduce the second female character to the team: Both women are meeting somewhere the male teammates have never been. The more established woman is giving the newbie a detailed profile on every dude in the team, how best to deal with him, and how much of an asshat he’s likely to be.

What happens when clueless male writers assume a lone woman will naturally view a female newcomer as competition for male resources, instead of, as is more often the case, an ally against male dominance. 


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