Writing chaptered stories as stages of relationship

“That’s the one” – when out of hundredes of ideas you fish out The Special One that makes your heart beat faster.

Courting” – when you slowly abandod other WIPs because you keep thinking about The Chosen One

Engagement” – when you open a document and, with eyes full of tears and fear of rejection, start writing The Story

Time Before Wedding” – also known as “time before posting” when you ask yourself if you’re sure you can make it and if you’re enough to be an author of this story.

Wedding” – posting the first chapter of WIP. You keep saying that the guests aren’t that important but you keep maniacally checking the comments anyway.

Honeymoon” – first few weeks after posting the first chapter. You update every few days, it feels like you were addicted to the story.

Newly weds’ first big fight” – first hiatus, constantly asking if you two are good for each other, “I still love you the most”

Two possible endings:

1. “Golden era of marriage” – a relationship full of love and respecting each other boundaries. Updates are regular but usually not more often than one chapter per month. + “I will never ever leave you

2. “Divorce” – abandoning the story.

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