Writing Prompts

1. “I will punch them in the mouth right now.”

2. “You do realize that I’m a vampire right?”

3. “I’m sorry, did you forget that I don’t like you?!”

4. “To make things clear, I live for this drama. So, continue on.”

5. “I killed you once! Get over it!”

6. “Can we talk about how we never once had a snowball fight before?”

7. “Ready? Ready to get absolutely decimated at UNO? “

8. “Who here wants to order a pizza and forget about their problems?”

9. “I’m winning and there is nothing you can do that can stop me!”

10. “It’s ya dude! Ready to make some amazing food!”

11. “Do you ever look at someone and their cheekbones have more structure than your life will ever have? Same.”

12. “Blood is starting to become an accessory for you at this point.”

13. “Wanna pet my dog? He’s so soft! Guess what his name is?”

14. “Looking at the mess before me I realized I had no motivation to do anything about it, and continued to plan on how to rob the bank.”

15. “Oh, come on! What is a little law breaking between friends?”

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