Worldbuilding Development Prompt: Innocence


How would this world define “innocence”?

What is the source of this definition? Did mankind discover a way to literally purify one’s being, or did they take their understanding from religious takes, divine visitations, age-old morality, or political ideologies? Are there different sources? If so, how do they differ, and do their differences cause those that follow them to clash with one another?

Does the general populace believe that they are inherently innocent? Or do they believe that all has been tainted and must be made clean once more? From where does this viewpoint stem? Or do people simply think this way because it is a pervading thought, its origin long lost to time? If they believe they are unclean, do the people know of a way to become pure once more? What is the cost to do so? How many people actually take the steps to become clean?

Was the world itself, at one point or another, believed to be “pure”? This could mean anything from lacking in pollution, to being holy by divine right, to lacking sinful inhabitants. Did this ever change? If so, what event or action initiated this difference? Could the world ever be cleansed?

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