Day: April 12, 2019

Worldbuilding Development Prompt: Code of Conduct

homesteadhorner: What moral codes do the civilizations within your world follow? Do these… from Tumblr

holly-frey: Born Ready- Zayde WolfOnly One- The ScoreStronger-…

holly-frey: Born Ready– Zayde WolfOnly One– The ScoreStronger– The ScoreGasoline– Halsey Heatstroke– Blackmath Legendary– Welshly ArmsJungle– X Ambassadors Kings– Tribe Society Blood//Water– GrandsonBury Me Face Down– Grandson I love badass characters and this playlist definitely helps me! from Tumblr

Being I writer means having messy notebooks, messy hair, a messy desk, and a messy mind. – Samantha Evergreen

samantha-evergreen: from Tumblr

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