Character Development Prompt: Folklore


What is the character’s overall experience with and perspective of their culture’s folklore?

What ancient stories have been passed down from generation to generation until they reached the character’s ears? When did they hear these legends – as a child, a teenager, or as an adult? How did their reception of the story at that time, and over time, affect their beliefs, values and actions? 

Did they believe in myths as a child and grow out of them over time (or vice versa), or did they remain consistent with their faith or faithlessness? If they believed that these stories, did their opinion of them change? For example, one’s first time experiencing Beauty and the Beast might have them view Gaston as the villain, only to understand his perspective as an adult. What prompted this change and how did it affect the character?

Do they have stories of their own to pass on to those who will come after them? Do they continue telling the same tales they had always heard, or do they aspire to craft new ones? What will the moral of these stories be, and to whom will they share them?

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