written by Bryan Hutchinson
Do you ever feel like you don’t measure up?

When you do something extremely well, better than you ever thought you could, do you tend to believe it was just a fluke?

You’re good enough!

Are you sensitive to slights and insults from others when you achieve milestones?

Do others try to tell you-you’re not good (at whatever)?

Do you believe their assertions?

You’re good enough!

We all feel like we’re fakes.

We all feel like we’re barely holding on.

At every level and in every pursuit.

We all feel like we don’t belong.

You’re good enough!

There’s always going to be people who try to undercut you in some way. They can’t help it. They’re going to do it.

Even so, you will always be your harshest critic.

Most of the time it won’t be warranted and you’ll be far too hard on yourself.

It’s going to happen. You’re human.

You’re good enough!

You tend to think you’re weird and that no one truly understands you.

And that’s somehow a bad thing?

Secretly, you believe your abilities are not good enough, that they won’t take you far and you’ll never put in enough effort, because you’re just not better than anyone else and everyone else is better than you.

Sound familiar? I’ve been there.

If we’re honest, we’ve all been there.

And you know what?

It’s alright. I would think something was wrong if you didn’t feel that way from time to time.

The key difference is whether those thoughts hold you back indefinitely or not.

Don’t let them.

You’re good enough!

The challenge is never other people.

The challenge is never the art.

The challenge, my friends, is within ourselves.

Within you and within me.

You’re good enough!

Is there something you want to create?

Something you believe is beyond you?






You’re good enough!

No one can stop you but yourself.


You’ll find you’re better than you think you are.

You’re not perfect. You don’t have to be.

Your creations are uniquely yours.

You’re good enough!

When we create, we do something amazing, we bring something forth into the world that wasn’t here before and no measurements can truly define it.

Opinions and approvals are irrelevant.

Stop seeking perfection and approval.

Be you.

The awe-inspiring, amazing, you!

You’re good enough!

Remember that. Always.

Prescription: For at least one month, write in your positive journal before every entry, “I am Good Enough!”

Because you are.

You Are Good Enough!

About ten years ago I wrote a short little eBook, “Good Enough: Stop Seeking Perfection and Approval,” and gave it away for free, it has become something of a phenomenon for me. It’s been downloaded tens of thousands of times and has spawned copies in different forms across the byways and highways of the internet, which has been very humbling.

It’s also kind of awesome, honestly. But what’s really amazing to me is that people are coming around to realizing they ARE good enough!


If you want a copy of this little book and don’t have one already, you can download it here for free. Please, though, remember to share it with at least one person. That’s all I ask and I’ll be your friend forever.

Thanks to everyone who has helped this little book spread.

My challenge to you today:
Accept who you are, what you are about, and trust that the creative desire within you is there for a reason, and ultimately, unconditionally, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

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