Writer’s advice that I’ve never seen anybody disagree with


  • If you feel that striking one specific word from the text won’t make the text any less nice and/or well-written, then you must strike that word.
  • On a related note, don’t use two words if you feel that one single word can replace them with no loss of text quality. (Unless you’re writing for NaNoWriMo, haha.)
  • Don’t use the same dialogue tag twice in a row. it stands out. Always. (Except for “said,” of course.)
  • If you’re including a long flashback, make sure that the readers don’t mind the main plot being stopped.
  • Your friends and your family can’t give objective advice on your writing. No. Listen to me. They can’t.
  • If your novel includes SF or fantasy elements, make sure that the occurrence of fantastical elements is made clear reasonably early in the story.
  • It’s not true that adverbs are inherently bad, but it is true that “he yelled” is better than “he said loudly.” 
  • When you’re using other dialogue tags than the usual “said”  or “asked,” make sure that there’s a need for the specific dialogue tag you’re using. Don’t have characters mutter their lines unless muttering is required specifically.
  • Most importantly: Never, e v e r follow writing advice until you understand what the thought behind it is.

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