Besides Fantasy Name Generator and Behind the Name, are there any other naming sites you’d recommend?


i’ve recommended some of these before, so bear with me if anyone has seen these! i’ve used these sites for years bc they work incredibly well. 

  • this site has a great “creative” option for those people who want their names to sound more fantastical 
  • this site has a ton of fantastic lists as well as a name hunter option 
  • this site allows you to come up with different spellings for any given name, as does this one 
  • this one allows you to punch in origin and gender 
  • this site is a particular favorite bc it allows you to enter suffixes, prefixes, certain letters you want the name to contain, the gender, the meaning/origin, and the number of syllables in a name
  • this one has a selection of uncommon names
  • this one is fairly standard, but it’s definitely worth a look
  • this one is also fairly standard, but it’s useful
  • this one is fantastically organized by origin or ethnicity
  • and this is one i particularly like perusing

i hope these help! 🙂

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