If you’re not writing so well at the moment:


Remember you are not a bad writer!

Many writers go through slumps of motivation due to health issues, or other factors they just can’t control. You can’t expect to always be working at your best!

If you need to take a break from your writing to do something else and get your brain working again, go ahead and do whatever you need to! Try doing something else creative like drawing, crafting or music! Try doing some normal household tasks or just spending time with somebody you like. Get your creative juices flowing by finding your inspiration!

You can always try new prompts, methods or genres to get interested again, too! If you normally write romance, try writing an action scene or something comedic. You never know what new ideas might come to you. If it doesn’t work out, at least you will have learned things from it.

Everything you write has some kind of value! If you write something and later think it isn’t very good, you can always redraft and edit it until you find it satisfactory. To get extra value out of works you’re not so fond of, maybe take some notes on what you want to improve and what you’re not satisfied with so you can do some research on how to combat the problems you face!

Writing, like all forms of creativity, requires growth and improvement. You can’t grow and improve if everything you make is perfect. Everything you write is going to be better than something you have written in the past.

Sometimes you just need to be okay with something not being your best work. As long as you’re writing and enjoying it, and your writing is positive for you and others, you are writing in a healthy and productive way!

You are not a bad writer! Every writer has bad drafts.

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