The Most Powerful Writing Advice I Ever Received

Was to ask yourself what you would want people to say about your writing when your gone and work towards that.

It just occurred to me that this can be used for ourselves too.

We often regurgitate what we know and what we have been taught in life and writing, but we don’t have to.

I was taught that life is hard so you have to be harder, I was made tough by well meaning family members and it shows in the way I write and the way I act when pushed or aggravated.


I fundamentally believe in the power of love and kindness, and when I’m gone I want my writing to be a source of beauty, even if sad, and I want people to remember me as the gentle hand that helped them up, not the closed fist that put them down.

Idk why I’m spewing all this at you guys, but it just occurred to me that someone might need to hear this:

You, and your writing, can be anything. You just need to work at it.

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