Day: May 4, 2019

Any advice for keeping at a long writing project? Love ur work btw!

okay, i’ve thought about this in relation to the novels i’ve succeeded in writing and those massive… from Tumblr

Hi, I’m currently writing a cyberpunk themed story with cybernetics. I have a character who is blind but about halfway through I’d like him to get his vision back through cybernetics. I’m trying to be as inclusive as I can but I’ve heard of people having issues with characters who have disabilities that get fixed later in the story. Do you have any advice?

Don’t do it. Unless you’re going to treat it as anything other than a magical solution. He’s not… from Tumblr

What To Do When You Fall Out of Love With Your WIP

meteorwrites: 1. Take a break  2. Take a break 3.   T a  k e    a    b r e  a  k  Seriously…. from Tumblr

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