Hey, do you any advice for writing emotionally cold characters? Im having a bit of trouble with body language.


Hmm. Well.

With emotionally cold characters, they are going to have a wall of some kind between them and everyone else, whether it be physical or not. They’re cold and are emotionally stunted. There is a good chance that someone or something made that way and that it wasn’t something that just happened

And that makes them distrustful

A lot of the time, emotionally cold characters are not going to smile. They’re going to have grave expressions or frowns or are glaring. Or maybe they are going to be very serious. They may purse their lips or narrow their brows. Their eyes may be blank or harsh

Or it could be the opposite. For example, Esca is a cold, harsh person and he smiles a lot. But it is not a friendly smile. It is a knife’s edge and a weapon in it’s own right

They may also fold their arms. This shows a barrier between them and the other people. it shows them being defensive or opposing the other person or situation. They may stand apart from a crowd or not be involved at all

Their poster could be closed, with arms and legs crossed, their frame rigid. It shows their hostility, their distrust and aloofness

They could shove their hands in their pockets and smile mildly while their backs at straight and chin raised. The authority and Better Than You vibe puts them apart from everyone else

Cold characters always have an Air of Mystery around them, that always keeps people guessing their motives, their emotions. They will not reveal their plans quickly or easily

They will opt out of hugs for hand shakes, or even going so far as to not shake hands at all and keep their distance. They might slightly incline their head instead

When speaking, they speak in an even tone, or mildly. They will not raise their voice, show that kind of passion. It shows a refinity, the elegance of the icy demeanor. They likely do not laugh or cry and bury it all deep on the inside

They rarely speak about themselves and hold their secrets to their chests. They trade in secrets and only reveal things about themselves to people they trust, and even then, they may not reveal everything

 They do not ask many questions, just the Need to Know. So often those questions are not going to be questions of a personal nature and will be more straight to the point. And they will rarely, if not, repeat themselves a second time

They will have very little qualms, if any, for hurting people, whether physically, verbally, or emotionally. They are already stunted in their own emotions and are not going to bother with sugar coating anything

And lastly, they are very practical, or realistic and ruthless in decision making. Emotions will not cloud their judgement. It could make them seem insane, or could very much risk their lives and without a feeling of precaution, it could get them very dead.

—- I hope this helps!

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