Writing Tip #14:

Description is always important to create a picture of what’s going on. In addition to help imagine the setting, it can also convey world details instead of info-dumping those same details in narration.


Soon after, we pull up and park in the street in front of our old rickety house. The grass is yellowing, and earthy patches of deadness spread like cancer. Chips of white paint peel up from house’s wooden paneling, revealing a splintery dull brown, and a crack still feathers out in the the front window from the time my brother Drake lost in a videogame and threw his controller at the glass. It isn’t much, but it’s always been my home.

In this example, the description helps paint a picture, but it also shows us important details. The fact that the character’s home is rundown reflects on the people who live there. In addition, stating the crack came from Drake throwing his controller at the glass is more interesting and memorable than simply stating there is a crack, and it also helps characterize Drake.

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