Types of People: D&D Schools of Magic

Abjuration: keeps everyone at an arms distance, skeptical, iron gates, watchful eyes, a heart as tough as nails, takes no shit, arms always crossed, plans for the worse, leather jackets, the first to defend someone

Conjuration: unbreakable loyalty, believes in aliens, postcards from distant places, traveler by nature, always lends a hand, polaroid photos, arts and crafts, aching feet, either going somewhere or creating something

Divination: cryptic phrases, spending hours hunched over a book, burning incense, ancient gods, random bits of knowledge, tarot cards, always asking questions, loves other languages, talks to themselves

Enchantment: winky faces, smooth-talker, words like blades, devastating comebacks, a mask of smiles, strategy games, a bit controlling at times, blushing cheeks, values the power of words

Evocation: storms that never cease, fireworks of every color, booming voice, gets hurt all the time, warm yet fiery, doesn’t know when to back down, music blaring from their headphones, old scars, bright souls

Illusion: indistinct whispers, deja vu, tricks of the light, invisible ink, forgets what they were doing, playing hide and seek, dancing shadows, whimsical, seeing shapes in the clouds, scares others for fun

Necromancy: black wardrobe, long-forgotten gravestones, not asleep but not quite awake either, solitary, smokey eyeshadow, horror movies in the middle of the night, cold hands, existential at times

Transmutation: alchemy symbols, turning copper into gold, time flying by, heavy makeup, butterflies bursting from their cocoons, adapting to the situation, imagining what could be, constantly changing their hair

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