I think most people know by now that writers love feedback and comments on their fics and just how important even a one line comment is. But I feel like people don’t always realise that this extends to random posts about our WIP here on tumblr too. 

Interaction is so hard to find on here and maybe it’s because you feel like you’re not allowed to just jump on someone else’s post and start talking or that you’d be bothering us but I know that for me and many of the writers i know on here, we would adore it if you did!

If you see a post about my WIP or one of my OCs and you have ThoughtsTM or FeelingsTM about that, please reblog and say so! (reblogs are especially good because it helps us find an audience). If you think my OC would be firends with your OC and you want to ramble about yours for paragraphs to prove that to me, please go ahead! if you spot a similarity between our WIPs that’s pretty cool, tell me so I can get invested in your work too! 

Interaction is so damn cool and you are always welcome to tell me anything you like on my writing posts, even if you’re worried it will be annoying – I promise it won’t be!

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