a list of times you, as a writer, are still worth more than you think:

  • when you write nothing
  • when you write twice as much as planned
  • when a reader criticizes your work
  • when a reader compliments your work
  • when you start your first draft
  • when you finish your final draft
  • when you scrap that character you loved but did not need
  • when you scrap the draft (or project) that no longer worked
  • when you send out your finished product to potential publishers
  • when you receive rejection letters from those publishers
  • when you find your book in a bidding war between publishers
  • when the entire world reads your work and loves it
  • when the entire world reads your work and loathes it
  • when only one person on this planet reads your work and needs it

In every situation – in good and in bad, in lack and in plenty, in joy and in mourning – you are still worth more than what your circumstance says about you. You are not defined by your circumstance, your critics, your work ethic, your friends and families, yourself, myself, or even this post. There is only one definition written for each and every human being on earth: worth dying for.

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