Getting more shit done in less time


So, my law classes for the year have just started. Life is hectic. But I still want to be a published author by the time I’m 25. Thus, here’s what I’m going to do to get more done in less time:

1. Go with your natural flow

  • 5AM writers clubs and waking up an hour earlier to get some writing done is great. Very commendable. But it has never worked for me.
  • I can promise you that I won’t get any words written first thing in the morning. Because I am NOT a morning person.
  • Accepting this about myself, I try to use my naturally energetic times to my advantage. I get a random burst of energy at 8pm. So, that’s when I set out time to write.
  • Then in my dips, I do homework/household chores etc – things that need to get done but don’t need much inspiration/creativity.
  • Figure out when you’re at your best and use those times for the things that require the most mental energy.

2. Batch tasks

  • If you have a bunch of different things you need to get done, try to group similar tasks together.
  • If you’re already working on your computer for school/work, do all the things you have to do on it in succession.
  • This helps minimise the time you spend on practical things and the mental energy it takes to switch between different types of tasks.
  • This has really been a gamechanger for me, since I don’t continually have to switch gears between student, writer and blogger. I can be one thing at a time.

3. Schedule recharge time

  • This is very important. It might seem counterintuitive to slow down in order to be more productive, but it works.
  • Take an hour to relax after getting home from work/school. Allow yourself that time to recharge without feeling guilty.
  • This will recharge your mental and physical energy, and allow you to work more effectively when you start again.
  • The same applies to the hour/30 min before bed. Don’t work. Do some Bible study/read/journal/listen to a podcast. Something that will settle your brain and allow you to calm down. You will fall asleep much easier, sleep better and have more energy the next day.

4. Be organised

  • I am a naturally less-neat person. I get everything done, but my work area looks like a mess. Even if this applies to you as well, try to be as organised and neat as possible.
  • I have arranged my office in such a way that everything is easy to put away/put in the right place. I don’t have to go through much hassle to have an organised and neat work space.
  • This is useful, since you can’t get distracted when everything’s in order. You won’t have the urge to clean up when you sit down to do something else.
  • Plus, you save the time it would’ve taken you to find things.

5. Use every free minute you can

  • Yes, recharge and breaks are important, but if you have time to kill during which you would’ve just done nothing, use it.
  • I’m currently between classes, sitting on a random bench typing this post. Because I have to do it today and I have a free hour.
  • If you feel that you need that free time to chill and recharge, take the break. But if you’re just waiting, utilise the time on tasks you need to do anyway.

These are the things I’m implementing. Maybe they’ll work for you as well.

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