Court Archetypes: The Good Queen

The good Queen, a fairytale princess grown up to the Beyoncé-level. The good queen archetype is one that has been used since Lord of the Rings and before but today we often see more subversions than the actual type. The sub-archetypes of this trope are

  • The Fairytale Queen
  • The Strong-willed
  • The Tragic

The Fairytale Queen

She is usually a gracious lady that is beloved by the people. She is most-likely blonde and beautiful, with a nature to match.

  • Elizabeth of York: She was the daughter of a king, a sister of a king, niece of a king, wife to a king and mother to a king. Elizabeth was beloved since she was the daughter of an equally beloved king, Edward IV. She is said to have the love of the people and it is said that Henry VII’s popularity went right down when she died.
  • Jane Seymour: The third wife of Henry VIII. Jane was seen as the gentle and sweet subversion of Anne Boleyn. She was the most fondly recalled of the six wives because she gave birth to the long-awaited son and died before Henry could get mad at her. I hate this hoe.
  • Philippa of Hainualt: The wife of Edward III. Beloved and adored, she was the epitome of the model mediaeval queen. Though her beginning of her marriage begun a rebellion, her reign alongside her husband as queen brought peace and prosperity to England.

The Strong-Willed

This queen is nobody’s plaything. She will be a defiant and difficult queen but will still have a heart. She may be forced to do bad things but she is remembered always as a good queen.

  • Elizabeth I: The Queen of England’s Golden Age. She was an iron-willed woman who defied expectations and became a great queen, smashing Spain’s Empire and building England’s.
  • Catherine the Great: The small-time German princess who became the Empress of all the Russias. She overthrew her husband Peter III, and reigned successfully over Russia as one of their more enlightened and beloved rulers. She did not die fucking a horse
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine: The Queen of France and England. She divorced the king of France and married the younger Henry II of England. Eleanor rebelled against Henry and was imprisoned for 15 years. She was mother of Richard I The Lionheart and King John. Eleanor ruled England on behalf of her son Richard for most of his tenure.

The Tragic

These Queens had it all and lost it. They will have hard lives and then lose what they love.

  • Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots: Scotland’s child-queen. She was made Queen at six days old, sent abroad to live in France and England’s greatest threat. She lost king kingdoms, three husbands and was beheaded by Elizabeth I.
  • Jane Grey, Queen of England: This young girl was queen for nine days. She was forced to become queen by her father, cousin King Edward and her father in law. Deposed by Mary I, Jane was imprisoned in the Tower and later beheaded.
  • Empress Elizabeth “Sisi”: The young Empress was beautiful as she was troubled. Plagued by depression and other mental diseases, she was obsessed with her looks and maintaining her hair. She was assassinated by a mad man, stabbed in the chest with a nail file in her old age.

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